About Aura


AURA was formed in order to promote greater knowledge, understanding and use of Reiki in the wider community, and in doing so help Heal the World. Our purposes and directions are, for the benefit of the members and wider community, to encourage worldwide, whole person growth, healing and well-being through Reiki by:

  • Honouring the Usui Reiki tradition whilst actively fostering and advancing Reiki to ensure respect for its practise and teaching
  • Provide members opportunities, encouragement and proven techniques for healing, personal development and growth, and a forum for information, support and friendship
  • Asserting and maintaining professional standards of education and practice for Usui Reiki and granting professional certification to members who meet these standards
  • Being recognised throughout the wider community as a leading professional Reiki Association; a self-regulated body with a unified voice
  • Building effective relationships with other organisations and policy makers to promote understanding, credibility and acceptance of Reiki.

This means that we undertake to heal the world with Reiki in every way; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. We also seek to offer guidance and support to other Reiki people; a forum for interested parties to place their views and a respected body for those who practice Reiki professionally. We do this by offering support and guidance to members in utilising their Reiki gift and generally in life skills. Having regular events to bring members together in friendship is one of our commitments to members.

Holy Fire Reiki

AURA recognises Holy Fire Reiki as a new form of Usui Reiki currently taught by William Lee Rand and his students and accepts members who have been attuned at all levels.

Karuna Reiki® Chapter

AURA acknowledges Karuna Reiki® as a trademarked system of energy healing that has evolved from Usui Reiki and is currently taught by William Lee Rand and his licensed teachers and independent Karuna Reiki® Masters, and recognises members who have been attuned at practitioner and master levels.


In becoming Members and Associate Members of AURA, persons trained in the Usui System of Reiki*, and other persons with or without experience of Reiki, choose to honour the Reiki energy, the memory and teachings of the founders of Reiki, themselves, all Reiki lineages, all sentient beings and the planet Earth, and choose to commit to and support the AURA Code of Ethics.

  1. Honouring the Reiki energy
    • Being in agreement with and consciously striving to meet the Reiki Ideals of Mikao Usui:
      • Just for today do not anger
      • Just for today do not worry
      • Just for today be grateful
      • Just for today do an honest day’s work and earn your livelihood without hurting anyone
      • Just for today be kind to every single living thing
    • Recognizing the fundamental unity of all beings and honouring life in all its forms
    • Being open to new manifestations and explanations of universal life force energy and actively seeking to increase their understanding of the Reiki energy
  1. Honouring the memory and teachings of the founders of the Usui System of Reiki
    • Being aware of and attentive to information about the lives and work of Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata, their students and subsequent lineages in both Western and Eastern contexts
    • Honouring alike the stories and myths of the creation of the Usui System of Healing, the verifiable findings of research and the illumination provided by Spirit throughout the history of Reiki, acknowledging that they are humble seekers of understanding rather than possessors of an immutable truth.
  1. Honouring Self
    • Working actively on their own healing, personal and spiritual development
    • Acknowledging the role of Reiki energy in their lives and its contribution to everything they say and do
    • Choosing to recognise, honour and act upon the perception of a Higher Self within the human form
    • Understanding that perfection is not an attainable goal, and seeking healing, humility and courage as the basis for action.
  1. Honouring all Reiki lineages
    • Respecting and valuing all members of the Reiki community
    • Respecting others’ right to believe and do things differently from them and promoting harmony and friendship between all members of the Reiki community
    • Working actively in co-operation with all Reiki people without regard for their lineage or organisational affiliation
    • Refraining from making negative judgments, criticizing or disparaging any member of the Reiki community, their Reiki beliefs or practices.
  1. Honouring all sentient beings and the planet Earth
    • Living consciously as an exceptionally blessed member of the planetary community and choosing to use the powers of rational thought, intention and Reiki to promote the healing and well-being of all life on Earth.
  1. Upholding the AURA Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct
    • Supporting the members of AURA in applying and upholding this Code of Ethics and the AURA Code of Conduct

*Reiki, as in Reiki System, Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Master refers in this context to the Usui System of Reiki. The term “Reiki” is also used in reference to intelligent, guided universal life force energy.

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160 Drummond Street, Oakleigh