AURA Membership and Benefits

All individuals and organisations who have an interest in health and well-being are welcome to join AURA at the associate level. Associates gain the following benefits:

  • Opportunity to receive healing and support
  • Opportunity to participate in general social events
  • Access to a body of learned professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in discussion groups on health issues
  • A social newsletter
  • Opportunity to attend General Meetings

Associates pay an application fee of A$20 and an annual membership fee of A$20 per year.
Full Members have the above benefits as well as the following:

  • Opportunity to participate in Reiki healing events and retreats
  • Voting rights in AURA
  • You can arrange affordable, professional indemnification insurance through AURA.

Members are encouraged to obtain a suitable Health Professionals’ insurance should they intend to practice Reiki as an independent practitioner. There are several suitable Insurance Brokers operating in Australia. AURA has received advice from Insurance House that they can provide a range of flexible coverages for complementary health services including Reiki treatments. Remember to obtain a copy of membership certification from AURA to include in your application. Application form and Insurance House brochures in hard copies or an electronic version are available from the Secretary.
Members also have a A$20 application fee, with an annual membership fee of A$40 per year. Members are required to have had a hands-on attunement with at least Reiki I using the techniques passed down from Dr Usui, and to be able to trace their teaching lineage back to him. Reiki channels who are unsure about their teaching lineage may be required to demonstrate their knowledge of Reiki techniques to members of the AURA committee before acceptance; regardless of this outcome they can still join as an Associate.

Contact Details

03 9568 1777

160 Drummond Street, Oakleigh